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Accessiview is a forward-thinking IT company that has revolutionized the way websites cater to people with disabilities. Our mission is to create an inclusive digital landscape where everyone can access information, services, and products seamlessly.


The Market Opportunity:


Accessiview recognizes the immense market potential. Approximately 95% of websites in US and Canada do not fully conform to WCAG guidelines, leaving a vast gap in accessibility.

Our Widget: Features and Benefits:

Easy Integration: Businesses can seamlessly integrate our widget into their existing websites without disrupting the user experience just one line script will make their website accessible to people with disability.


Initial Commission:

  • During the first month, you’ll earn a commission of $100 for every sale you make.
  • This initial commission is a way to kickstart your journey with Accessiview and encourage you to hit the ground running.

Sales Target: 50 Sales

  • Your goal is to achieve a minimum of 50 sales within the first month.
  • If you meet this target, you’ll transition to the base salary structure.

Base Salary: $5,000 per Month

  • Once you achieve the 50-sale milestone, we’ll start paying you a fixed base salary of $5,000 per month.
  • This provides stability and ensures you have a consistent income.

Ongoing Commission:

  • Even after transitioning to the base salary, you’ll continue to earn commission on sale.
  • For every subsequent sale beyond the initial 50, you’ll receive $75.

Location: Work from home

Apply now and grow with us!